Best Time To Plant Grass Seed Depends On Your Climate

Wanting a green lawn and getting one are quite often two different things. For those who don’t want to go the sod route or those who simply cannot afford it, planting a lush lawn from seed is quite possible. The key to making it work is knowing the best time to plant grass seed and understanding what kinds of seed will produce the results you’re looking for.

There are a number of pros and cons to seeding over sodding, but keep in mind that seeding is almost always less expensive and can produce some great results.

The pros of seeding include:
* The cost savings. Sodding can be expensive. This is especially so if specialty grass is chosen and you need to hire someone to do the work for you. Labor expenses can be a killer.
* Seeds typically offer a greater variety. Plus, there’s the possibility of buying mixes or creating your own mixes to get just the right color and texture to suit your desires.
* A lawn that’s grown from seed will likely be more durable than one created from sod. Sodding doesn’t allow the gradual and deep root build up that seeding provides.

The cons of seeding can include:
* Seeding typically involves a lot more work. Although this is listed in the cons, it can be a pro for those who enjoy gardening and watching the fruits of their labor take root.
* Successful seeding should be limited to times just before the prime growing season for grass in your climate. It is not a good idea to seed during periods of extreme weather conditions – either too hot or too cold.
* Time. It’s a simple fact sodding offers instant results and seeding takes time.
* Watering. Seeds will require daily watering for as much as four weeks. Sodding, too, though requires daily watering for a while.

You’ll also want to find seeds that suit the climate within which you live. For those in the warmer climes, some of the most typical grasses include bahia, Bermuda, carpet grass, St. Augustine and zoysia. These grasses require hot summers and mild winters to grow properly. They will typically grow during the summer and go dormant in the fall and winter. Some forms of these grasses are drought tolerant and others are not. If water shortages are a problem in your area, check for what type of grass is the best.

Grasses for colder climates include bluegrass, rye, tall fescue and bent. They tend to do very well in areas where temperatures go below freezing in the winter months. Their growth pattern involves dormant summers and growth during the fall and spring. They thrive best for growth in areas where temperatures stay in the 60s and 70s during growth season. Lawns of these types of grass tend to have long blades that are fine to the touch.

No matter where you live, having a lush lawn is a possibility from seed if it’s chosen wisely.


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The Right Throw Pillow to Decorate the Room

People often get problems in finding the best way to decorate our home in order to create the home much more beautiful and comfortable. There are a lot of choices of the decorations which we can try. We can easily create and design it to be much more beautiful and improve our comfort there. We can easily design the interior to be much fresher and might improve the comfort that we get there. It is a good way to get the benefit.

The furniture and any complements can also be a good idea. The decorative throw pillows will also give the different look to our room. We can find the various types of pillows and cushion as the decorative ideas which might improve its look. Nowadays, there are various designs of the pillows which can decorate our room. We only need to use our creativity in matching and mixing the designs of the pillows with the whole designs and theme of the furniture and room. We also can make a mix and match with the curtain in the room, or the wall paper or wall paint.

If we look for the wide range of decorative pillows with the complete designs such like the adorable pattern, shapes, colors, and design, we have to know the destination which might offer all the pillows that we want. Then, we would not find any difficulties in finding the most suitable ones for our room. One of the references which we can try is It is the place to get the custom cushion or pillow for our need.

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5 Steps to the Perfect Guest Room

 Remodeling your guest room

Though homeowners spend quite a bit of time on living rooms, kitchens, and bathroom remodels, guest rooms are one of the most often neglected spaces in the house. If you’re planning on having overnight guests within the next year, consider remodeling your guest room to make it more appealing and welcoming.

Step 1: Revitalizing Spare Room Walls and Flooring
First, examine the condition of the walls and flooring. Is the paint looking dull? Is the wallpaper outdated? Painting is the easiest and most inexpensive remodeling step, yet it can instantly create a fresh atmosphere that friends or family staying in your guest room will appreciate. Keep in mind that neutral or warm tones are generally the most inviting. If you want to put up new wallpaper, choose a nice soft pattern with a border to keep it simple.

What is the condition of the flooring? Is the carpet stained or worn? If so, replacing it with new carpeting will change the look of the entire room. If the carpet is in decent shape but a little matted down, you should consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner. If you have hardwood flooring, simply adding a new area rug will give your guest room a warmer touch and will make the area softer underfoot and more comfortable for visitors.

Step 2: Coordinate a Color Scheme
After deciding on colors for the room, try to coordinate comforters, sheets, window treatment, throw pillows, and chairs to match. A unified color scheme looks elegant and will make guests feel special.

Step 3: Increase Guest Room Storage Space
No one likes living out of a suitcase. No matter your guest’s length of stay, it is considerate to create storage space for their clothing and personal items while they are visiting. Clear out a drawer or two or make some space in the closet where they can hang clothes. Be sure to tuck some extra toiletries and fresh towels in one of the drawers as well!

Step 4: Remember Bathroom Access
How is the bathroom access from your guest room? Do guests have to walk down a long hall to get to the bathroom? If there isn’t a convenient bathroom near the guest room and space allows, maybe a small bathroom could be added and sectioned off within the room. This would require a larger budget but if it’s possible, your guests will be grateful.

Even a half bathroom could be added for extra convenience. This is an especially good idea if your family has frequent houseguests. A private bath in the spare room is a convenience that your company will appreciate, and will also cut down on crowding in the existing bathrooms when visitors come to town.

Step 5: Finishing Touches to Complete Your Guest Room
Sometimes the details can make all the difference in the world. Any of the following additions to your guest room will be much appreciated by all visiting guests: alarm clock, TV, radio, phone, reading lamp, fresh flowers or plants, and recent magazines or books.

Think about all of the things that make you feel comfortable when staying in someone else’s home and aim to include any luxuries you can afford in your guest room renovation. Even a few quick and simple touches can make all the difference, and your guests will surely thank you.

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Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The bedroom is the most personal room for most homes. It should also be one of the most personalized. It can be a romantic love nest or a sanctuary for sleep and relaxation. It can be cheerful and calming for the kids, as they innocuously delude themselves into thinking they own the room. Wanting to impress friends, neighbors, and guests, homeowners tend to get tunnel-vision, focusing on public areas of the home. It’s time to be selfish and turn your attention to bedroom decorating. After all, before you take that morning shower, you must first get out of your bed.

Putting the “Bed” in Bedroom Decorating
The center of every bedroom is the bed. It’s ostensibly why the room exists in the first place. Obviously, your first concern will be the mattress, but don’t neglect your headboard. It’s difficult to underestimate the importance of psychological factors in getting a good night’s sleep. The feel and even the appearance of your bed when you get into it can translate into how you feel when you get out of it. A headboard bookcase is not only a good bedroom decorating idea, it also increases your bed’s functionality, allowing you to read a book before you fall asleep without getting up to turn the light out. You can also set a glass of water on a headboard bookcase in case you get thirsty in the middle of the night.

More Bedroom Decorating Ideas

  • Flooring: Carpet is still as comfortable and cost-effective as it’s always been, but it’s no longer the hands-down winner for bedrooms. Laminate, cork, and wood flooring are all great options that offer greater intimacy than older flooring products fashioned from these materials.
  • Lighting: This bedroom decorating idea is arguably the most underrated. Simple, lone overhead lights are quickly disappearing from modern interior decorating schemes. Even the combination of overhead lights and bedside lamps can’t offer the type of nuance needed for daytime, evening, and nighttime bedroom use.
  • Closets: Smaller bedrooms can almost always benefit from better closet storage and organization, or even expansion and/or the inclusion of built-in drawers and shelving. You might be pleasantly surprised by how more efficient closets can open up the rest of the room for additional bedroom decorating ideas.
  • Decorating Schemes: Muted colors may tend to be relaxing in general, but if they become too bland, you may find yourself more annoyed than relaxed. Fabrics must be coordinated with existing decorating schemes. A decoratively patterned comforter may work with a wood headboard, while an upholstered headboard may go better with a more solid colored comforter. The same holds true for window curtains and wall texturing. Avoid being too plain or too busy.

Create a Bedroom Decorating Budget
Creating a budget is a good idea for any home improvement project. Giving yourself at least a budget range will help you focus on what can be done and what’s most important to you. Some parts of the project you may be able to do on your own, for others you may want to hire a contractor. If the most important thing is the headboard, you may want to hire a contractor to custom build you one, and you can paint the walls yourself. If the most important thing is your walls, you can hire a house painter for the walls and buy or build a cheaper headboard. Whatever you decide, it’s time to make your bedroom your own again. Bedroom decorating is a relatively simple home improvement project that can greatly enhance your home and your life.

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Wood Flooring Benefit for Your Home Appearance

You need to concern more about which kind of flooring you will choose for your home. Floor is quite important part in a house as typically visitors’ eyes will point such part when going inside your house. They may give bad impression when seeing bad or unsuitable flooring installed at your house. Suitable flooring also somehow can represent the character of house owner. If you install good flooring then people who visit your house may respect you more as they think that you are an orderly person. On the other hand, if people find that your flooring is not interesting at all or even providing inconvenient circumstance, they may underestimate you.

Wood floor can be a good option for your home as it can provide warmth for your foot. Compared with other kind of floor, cleaning such kind of floor is also easier. Besides, it also can present the beautiful exotic impression to your house. Choosing wood floors is quite easy task today as internet provides practicality on searching any types of wood floor available today. However, you need to concern several things before deciding which wood floor for your home.

You need to concern first about the type. Wood floor typically has two types; the solid and engineered floor. Each has its own eminence and poorness, so you need to check more about them. Next consideration is the wood species. There are several wood species for flooring. Each has specific characteristic and appearance. If you like specific style for your home, you need to choose wood species that sustains it. Finally, you also need to find professional to install such flooring. Be sure to choose reliable company to get best result.

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Carpets Shampooing is Worth Each Penny

Carpets Shampooing

Having your carpets professionally cleaned is seen as a burden by most homeowners when it ought to be checked at a necessary, standard upkeep task. Not only does utilizing a carpet shampooer once a year as a maintenance priority make your carpets look pretty, it goes together with a long list of other valuable profits simultaneouslyl.

Extend the Life of Your Carpets
Remember, a carpet cleaning doesn’t just improve the appearance of your carpets, it drastically extends their life as well. All that dirt and grime doesn’t just look bad, it wears and tears at your carpet fibers over the years. Furthermore, the more it works its way into your carpet, the more damage it’s going to do. By scheduling a carpet cleaning once a year, you can rest easy that damaging dirt and debris buildup will be kept to a minimum. In fact, many new carpet manufacturers require regular cleanings if you want your warranty to remain valid. They’ve caught on as well. The cleaner your carpet stays, the less they’ll have to pay out for carpeting that doesn’t live up their bidding.

Improve the Health of Your Family. 
The other often overlooked aspect of regularly calling in a carpet shampooer is the hidden health benefits. 90% of the dust in your home is shedded human skin, and parasites like dust mites live in paradise in a home that neglects picking up their primary food source. Other pests, such as bed bugs and fleas also have a harder time taking root in the face of regular visits by a carpet shampooer. Besides that, carpet cleanings are integral to keeping up the proper ventilation in your home. Much of that ventilation occurs through air circulating through the base of your walls, and a dirty carpet seriously impedes that important flow. Regular, deep cleanings keep those avenues open and can make a big difference if you or a family member suffers from allergies or is inflicted with asthma.

Peace of Mind 
Carpet shampooers are also good to call in to maintain your peace of mind. Think about all the things that come into contact with your carpet over the course of a year and longer. Mud and dirt are only the beginning. Food spills, pet stains and odors, and whatever else you track in on your shoes, is soiling your carpet on a daily basis. Especially if you’ve got children making the rounds, thinking about all the foreign material that’s lodged in your carpet can make you want to quarantine them to the hardwood. Scheduling regular carpet cleanings takes care of the problem and means this is one less thing you’ll have to concern yourself with.



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Most Popular Interior Design Styles

A various of fundamental design styles apply to everything from furniture to interior and exterior home design. Here are some usual guidelines for some ubiquitous design styles:

Guidelines for Popular Design Styles

Contemporary/modern design features sleek, unadorned cabinets, plain panel doors and hardware that’s hidden or unobtrusive.

Traditional is more formal and elegant. Raised panel cabinet doors or clear glass panels separated by thin strips of wood are often seen. Rich wood finishes or painted white wood may be accented with sparkle from brass or brass-tone hardware.

Craftsman bungalow houses usually have low-pitch Continue reading

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Ladder Bookshelf a Simplistic Design

The Ladder Bookshelf

The ladder shelf nowadays becoming a popular choice among homeowners. Its simplistic design, rustic look, and ease of assembly make the ladder bookshelf style very desirable.

Ladder Shelf Designs

A ladder bookshelf is available in two different styles. The first is a unit with two main “posts” and shelves that are placed like rungs (which will now be referred to as “ladder shelf 1″). Ladder shelf can also describe a bookcase that is literally made from old ladders (“ladder shelf 2″). In the latter scenario, there are two ladders on either side of the unit and boards are placed on the rungs in between them to form shelves.

Both designs have certain similarities: they are both generally made of wood, they both have a rustic appeal (though ladder shelf 1 would also seem at home in a more contemporary setting), they are both simplistic in design and easy to construct or install.

The Store Bought Ladder Shelf

Department stores are the place to find ladder shelf 1. The simple design makes it a less expensive option than many other bookshelves, but the construction is just as sound and sturdy. It is meant to lean on, but doesn’t need to be fixed to, a wall. It will come in a variety of colors, finishes, and will also vary in depth and height.

Ladder shelf 1 is a good choice for those who need a quick storage space for books, movies, and the like. It will look like it belongs in almost any room, as it will blend in with most existing decoration.

The Wacky World of Ladder Shelf 2

A ladder bookshelf of this nature is more of a project for fun or a conversation piece than it is a quick fix to a storage problem. While constructing one (and it must be constructed, you cannot buy ladder shelf 2) is a fairly simple process, it may still be considered a labor of love.

To create the basic shelf, get your hand on an old wooden ladder and cut it into manageable pieces of the same height. Next, find some old wood planks to lie on and between the rungs as shelves. Tie, screw, or nail the planks to the ladders to secure the shelves, then bolt the whole thing to a wall.

Depending on your tastes, and the way your home is already decorated, ladder shelf 2 might need some special care before you put it together. Old wood is often a dull gray color; it has rustic appeal to spare, but might not be the best fit aesthetically. Old wood can also be very rough or splintery. You may want to sand, seal, or paint the shelf components before you put them together.

Once again, this type of shelf should be anchored to a wall as its stability may be circumspect with only its own support. It is also a good idea not to make it too tall; if you need a bookshelf ladder for your ladder bookshelf, you’ve probably gone too high.

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Enhance Your Home Decoration Business’ Brand Identity With Letterheads and

Enhance Your Home Decoration Business’ Brand Identity With Letterheads and Envelopes

How to Design Letterheads and Envelopes that Represent your Brand

Your home decoration business can benefit a lot from having its own company letterheads and envelopes. Customers will instantly recognize your brand with the use of matching letterheads and envelopes. Matching letterheads and envelopes help strengthen all your branding efforts. These also give out a good impression to all your customers.

Designing your print letterheads and print envelopes is essential for your business, because these print materials must be able to represent your brand in the most professional way possible. Here are 4 design tips that you can use for your company’s letterheads and envelopes.

oKeep your design simple. Overcrowding your letterheads and envelopes with too much images is never a good idea. This can distract your customer’s attention. You wouldn’t want your customers to pay too much attention on your design rather than your letter’s content. A simple design looks clean, organized and more professional so keep your design elements minimal.

oFocus on your brand logo. Decide where you want to place your company logo and make sure that your logo can easily be noticed by your customers. This also enables your customers to associate your logo with your brand. A well-positioned logo can make a big impact on the over-all presentation of your print letterheads and print envelopes.

oAchieve consistency. Base the color of your stationery’s design with the colors of your brand logo to come up with a unified look for your print materials. Consistency in design helps customers to retain your brand’s identity in their minds. Choose design elements that complement with each other for a more organized and appealing look.

oInvest on quality online printing. High quality printing enhances the look of your letterheads and envelopes so better yet have your print materials printed by a reputable online printer. Their top of the line printing service can even exceed all your expectations

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Home Decor – Styles to Make Your Home Appealing!

Everyone likes to have an attractive and alluring looks for his home both interior and exterior. There are several designs and luxurious styles that can be very helpful for you to give a unique look to your home. So, if you are also trying to give a proper theme, color scheme to your house than do not waste time and consult a famous interior designer for home decor. I assure you that there are plenty of interior and exterior designers available out there. Here, question arises that what are the ways to find a good interior designer?

The answer is very simple; just visit your nearest interior designer’s show room and check his portfolio thoroughly. Now, I hope that you can easily find a good interior designer. The reason of writing this article is not to find an interior designer. Here I am going to tell you some important styles that you must adopt to decorate your house. Some of the most popular decor ideas are given below.

Asian Style of Decor:

Asian style of decorating a house is one of the most famous interior and exterior styles. By adopting Asian style you can easily give a tempting look to your home. If your floor is of simple wood than replace it with bamboo flooring. Though, bamboo flooring is quite inexpensive but it gives an unusual appealing look to your home. Other famous attributes of Asian decoration are conceptual paintings of Asian cultures, special lighting effects and sculptures revealing Asian culture.

Tropical Style of Decor:

If you want to give a tropical theme to your home than it is not a tough job just consult your interior and tell him your ideas. You can easily give a tropical look to your home by planting palm trees in it. Addition of alluring hardwood floors can also be a good option to enhance the beauty of your home.

If you want some more style than just add tropical ceiling fans in your home and give a proper luxurious tropical theme to your home. Though, interior designing is little bit expensive but such practice can make your house a wonderful house.

Lastly, I am sure that these luxurious styles can be very beneficial for your home decor. If you want some variety than all you have to do is to login to internet and find websites of interior designs and style without going personally to any showroom.

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